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The Velcro Pygmies
Technical Requirements & Rider



The Pygmies need a stage at least 20ft wide, 16 feet deep, and 2 ft high. Bigger really is better for everybody involved. The stage MUST be sturdy, and level, with no gaps, voids, or bodies of standing water.  Stage, wings, and sound booth must be on a level and stable surface (ie… not mud, grass, or sand). If this isn’t possible please notify immediately and ask if special arrangements can be made.



In order to safely operate their lighting, The Velcro Pygmies will need access to an electrical service panel with a minimum of 100 amps available. This panel should be located AT THE STAGE, or within 100ft of the stage and have 2 "hots", a "common", and an "earth" ground. Please note, some venues require that a qualified licensed electrician be present during the "tying" and "untying" of power.



1 case of Coors light, 1 six pack of Coca Cola, 1 six pack of Mountain Dew, 12 bottled waters, 3 bags of ice, 4 thin crust pepperoni pizzas.  Drinks should be available during load in with food being delivered 1 hour after load in has begun.



There must be parking for two cars and one 24 foot truck. These vehicles must be accessible at all times.



Unless otherwise specified The Velcro Pygmies will retain 100% of merch sales.  Buyer agrees to provide a  6x3 table or equivalent and an area to set up and sell merchandise.


Access to loading and performance area:

Performance area must be accessible to a 24 foot long 13 foot high truck. Truck needs to be within 10 feet of entrance to performance area. Truck must be able to be unloaded onto a smooth hard surface. Grass, sand, gravel, aggregate, brick, and dirt are not acceptable. If loading area is not on a hard surface, a ¾” plywood pathway must be laid down from loading area to performance area. Doorways must be a minimum of 30 inches wide.  NO STAIRS in excess of three steps.  In the absence of these conditions Purchaser agrees to provide four sober persons to load in AND out.



The Velcro Pygmies LOVE to play outdoors but there are some limits.  If the temperature is below 55 degrees they can’t physically do.  Just can’t.  Also, if the chance of rain is more than 50% the band will not be required to set up outdoors.  If they DO set up and it becomes unsafe due to rain or especially lighting,   the band must stop the show until it clears up and there has been no lightning for 45 minutes.  Nobody works harder than The Velcro Pygmies do to make a show happen but bad weather trumps everything


Venue Representative:

Buyer should provide contact information for a duly authorized representative. This person should be able to answer specific questions concerning access and set up.



The Velcro Pygmies require five single hotel rooms (if possible 2 smoking, 3 non smoking).  Hampton, Sleep Inn, Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, etc preferred


Drum Screens:

Under no circumstance will The Velcro Pygmies use a drum screen, or any similar device that restricts interaction between drummer and other band members, even in an attempt to contain volume


Extra Playing Time:

Occasionally three hours of Velcro Pygmies just isn’t enough.  If you find yourself in that position but you’re afraid to ask how much it will cost,  here you go:  The Velcro Pygmies will perform extra time, in half hour blocks, for 50% of a pro rata amount.  To be clear, an extra hour of an engagement with a gross price of $10,000 would be $1,666.66 (gross price divided by three hours equals $3,333.33, times 50% equals $1666.66).  Don’t make it awkward for the guys, write the check when you ask!


Opening Acts:

No opening acts are allowed without WRITTEN and PRIOR approval from the band or management.  This is a big deal as any opening act requires much prior coordination.  Don’t try it!!


If any of these minimum requirements can not be met please contact The Velcro Pygmies Tour Manager immediately at or contact the booking agent.



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