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The Velcro Pygmies Sound & Lighting Equipment


Thank you for your interest in the greatest rock and roll band on Earth, The Velcro Pygmies.


The Pygmies are a completely self-contained rock and roll show with very few requirements needed from the talent buyer.

The Pygmies travel with a very efficient, medium sized concert sound system and light show.

The system consists of:


Mains: 1 double 15" sugar scoop low frequency cabinet per side

1 double 15" front loaded mid frequency cabinet per side

1 2" horn and high frequency driver per side

1 24x8 stereo mixing console and associated processing gear

2 amp racks with 6000Watts of stereo power


Monitors: The Pygmies travel with a complete 6-mix monitor system that includes both traditional floor wedges as well as "in-ear" monitors.

Lighting: 4 10’ sections of steel trussing with associated crank stands

60 conventional par cans (64’s, 56’s, 48’s)

4 intelligent moving lights

1 48 channel digital lighting controller


The only technical requirements that need to be addressed for the Pygmies to perform are the issues of a stage, and electricity.


Stage: The Pygmies need a stage at least 16ft wide, 12 feet deep, and 1ft high.

Bigger really is better. The stage MUST be sturdy, and level, with no gaps, voids, or bodies of standing water.


Power: In order to safely operate their lighting, the Pygmies will need access to an electrical service panel with a minimum of 100amps available.   This panel should be located AT THE STAGE, or within 100ft of the stage and have 2 "hots", a "common", and an "earth" ground.


Please note, some venues require that a qualified licensed electrician be present during the "tying" and "untying" of power.


Any and all technical inquiries should be addressed to: Pete Fitzgerald

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