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41A Festival is the primary fundraiser for Tullahoma's Highland Rim Kiwanis Club. We put on this two-day block party/street festival to raise money to further the Kiwanis mission of "changing the world, one child at a time". Our event is all ages and free to attend. Our club relies on gate donations and drink sales to produce revenue. Since we are located on the downtown square, we create a little completion for ourselves with the local establishments who all seem to undercut us on drink prices to get the benefit of the extra foot traffic our event brings to the area. In order to keep everyone outside (at our event), we have to keep them entertained.


That's where the music selection comes in. There are a ton of great bands out there. We are 60 miles from Nashville and have no shortage finding someone that "sounds like Tim McGraw" or "looks like Luke Bryan" to come out and play a few chords and sing some songs for an hour or so. But is that fun? No, I don't really think so. If you want fun, and you want your crowd to have fun, you've got to give them an "experience". And that's what The World Famous Velcro Pygmies deliver!


From the over the top intro, to the dancing, to the crowd interaction, to the high kicks, to the hair, these guys give an amazing experience. Plus, they really sound good! Great singing, great playing and great personalities. It is the perfect trifecta that we always seek and only occasionally find.

As I mentioned, our event is a fundraiser for children's charities. I have never worked with a band that is so similarly minded as the Pygmies. The band has a heart of service and it shows. After they rocked the crowd, I saw them hang around for hours meeting every single person that wanted to give them a high five, take a picture, get an autograph, or thank them for coming. Over the years, I have watched this become a scarcity and it is great to see that the Pygmies remember this is for the fans. If you are looking for a band that jaw dropping, heart stopping, earth shaking, and memory making, your search is over. It is The Velcro Pygmies.

Jason Redd

41A Music & Arts Festival

Tullahoma TN



Cameron!!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful job and being so easy to work with the night of our Ball. I appreciate you and making the music/performance/night enjoyable for everyone of all ages. Our guests range from 21 - 95 and I was beyond excited when I saw an 85 year old dancing to Poor Some Sugar On Me!

You admiration for our Military Men and Women is respectable and Chase's guitar solo of the National Anthem sent chills down my spine, Max with his dance moves and Chris playing the drum for our Snake Dance could not have been more perfect. I can't express enough how much I appreciate all you and your guys did to entertain and ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves. It was an unforgettable evening and will be talked about for years to come!! I can't remember our Ball ever ending with people still on the dance floor as the lights were coming on in the arena!!

It was my pleasure to work with the Velcro Pygmies. You are all awesome!!  KEEP ON ROCK'N


Michelle Hansen

Mystic Society of Pierrettes

Mobile AL





Let's talk about Velcro Pygmies... That front man is one of a kind.   No one does what he does with an audience and I don't mean "everybody scream" and "everybody raise their hands" type junk... That cat fronting the Pygmies is special...  NUFF SAID?


Anthony Gibson, Entertainment Director

MGM’s Beau Rivage Resort

Biloxi MS



Since the Velcro Pygmies began playing our town nearly 10 years ago, there is always a line at the door to see them, a show with knockout energy, and great sales to prove these guys once, and you won't look back!


John Whittington

Blvd 217

College Station, Texas



Velcro Pygmies is by far the most entertaining, professional band I have ever dealt with. I have never seen a band that can perform three hours straight with no breaks and maintain the high energy performance from start to finish. The Velcro Pygmies put on an unforgettable experience!


Jared Matthews
Diamond Pub Concert Hall

Louisville KY


There's a reason why The Velcro Pygmies continue to build crowds. From a clubs point of view, The Pygs are professional, timely and understand they are there to help you jam up your bar. For the customers, 4 straight hours of classic rock and roll with the best front man in the business is only the beginning. Cam pulls you into the show to the point where you can't look away.

Mike Dougher

Revelry Room / Track 29
Chattanooga, Tn



Just wanted to reach out to let you know that the show that you put on for the DAC Drawdown was Awesome!!!. I serve on the DAC Board and booking your band was the best decision we made. We had our first SELL OUT in a while, and raised a lot of money to help fund all of Gulf Shores Student Athletics where the county and the state fall short.

We were blessed to have such a high energy good clean show. You guys kept the dance floor packed. What an entertaining show! We are looking at a few dates for the next Drawdown, and I pray that you are available. Thanks a lot and hope to see you again next year!


Mike Carey

Dolphin Athletic Club

Mobile, AL



The Velcro Pygmies is the favorite band of the Kemah Boardwalk.  The band’s energy is unstoppable and they are professionals from load in to load out.   We especially like the fact the band is family friendly for our younger guests, taking photos with them and really making them feel special.  And it goes without saying… the music just ROCKS.  Last but not least we can count on the Velcro Pygmies following as they come out to their shows every time.   They are a great band!


George Coward 

Show Business Entertainment

Houston, TX



The Velcro Pygmies are not like any show you have seen before!  This rollercoaster ride of craziness has the band interacting with guest and the venue to drive sales!  I have used the Velcro Pygmies at many of our properties and they never disappoint, always packing the crowds in.  I have never met a band that works as hard as these guys to ensure a packed house!  This is a show not to be missed.  It is life changing! 


Nathan Looney, Director of Entertainment

Hospitality USA Inc.

Houston TX




I have had the pleasure of working and booking THE VELCRO PYGMIES for many years for an event that is held during the Kentucky Derby Festival. 

The band is a huge draw with many, many people returning each year to be entertained by “The Pygs”!  I truly appreciate their entertaining show, the leader’s professionalism in having all specifics together before arriving at the venue, and their willingness to help promote prior to and day of show.


Pam Pribble

Triangle Talent

Louisville KY




The Velcro Pygmies are one of the top notch performing bands that we have at the National Shrimp Festival.  Their high energy performance is nothing short of outstanding.  I love the special attention that they give to our Veterans as I am one of them and the American Flag they fly on stage is remarkable.  I highly recommend them for your next event.  You will never be disappointed with their show. 


Tim Brown 

Entertainment Chairman

National Shrimp Festival

Gulf Shores, AL




The Pygmies have a good name in the industry, and it’s easy to see why.


We hired them for a show during WC Handy Music Week 2017, and besides providing a dependably awesome, energetic performance, they are smart, prompt, and they do exactly what they promise.

After the show, they spend time with their fans, and are unbelievably kind and patient with them – which is why their fans are so loyal.

We have already booked the Pygmies again for Handy 2018.

In short, these guys are amazing performers, and a true pleasure to work with!




Tony Fowler | Director of Events

Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa

Muscle Shoals, AL

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